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After my adventure with the Chevy a couple of years ago I knew I needed a snorkel for the Zuk, so I started to look around for the different styles and solutions.
I didn't really like the only snorkel on sale over the counter and also thought it was way overpriced for a piece of plastic.

Loads of info on snorkels on the Internet, bookmarked a couple of pages and started to measure and try some stuff. Didn't want it to be made of PVS rainpipe, with all those visible connections.

I also wanted the snorkel to be 3" inside diameter, a bit big for a Sammie, but I dˇ run a SuperCharger and don't want it deprived of it's necessary airvolume.

I made a kind of snorkel adaptor for the Weber carb when I had that still on, pics of that are at the bottom of this page, never got round to actually connecting it to a snorkel because a month after it was finished - and still contemplating on how to set it all up - I converted to the MegaSquirt Fuel Injection meaning the carb came off and a Throttlebody with a different kind of airfilter went on.
I still keep the pics on the bottom of this page, you never know to whom it might be of advantage.

I rummaged through the spareparts-section of Suzi's Place, looking for stuff I could use and found a 3" inside diameter hose I thought I might use for the "bend" in the pipe going from the horizontal part to the windowsill part. I later found out it was a hose from an American Samurai they had imported once and there was only one of these hose in the store. I needed two, so I had to look for other options.

Co Oskam ( where I bought my Chevy ) also makes exhausts and has a lot of different sizes pipe in stock so I went over to him for some info. Appeared he stocked the 3" pipe I needed Ónd sold Stainless Steel 90 ░ bends in 3" !

We set to measuring and cutting the pipe ( it's galvanised to prevent it from rusting ) and trying to figure out where to have the snorkel enter under the hood. I have always been partial to it coming through the side of the hood, keeping it short alongside the fender. After checking there's nothing on the inside of the hood in the way we set to cutting
a 3" hole in the side of the hood for the first testfit of the 90░ piece of Stainless::

SamSnorkel1.jpg (45208 bytes)  SamSnorkel2.jpg (31954 bytes)  SamSnorkel3.jpg (46276 bytes)

Of course you cannot get a 90░ through a round hole so it was opening, closing, marking and opening the hood several times and cutting and grinding untill the hood fitted nice and snug around the pipe. We also cut the upright ledge on top of the fender so a bracket could be fitted. You can see the threaded poprivets in the top of the fender for the brackets:

SamSnorkel4.jpg (37596 bytes)  SamSnorkel5.jpg (48619 bytes) 

I riveted 2 of those in the windowframe too, for the vertical pipe. And after careful marking, grinding and sawing ( again ) we had a second piece of 90░ Stainless pipe in 2 pieces: one for the 45░ bend and a short piece for the top where the snorkelmouth goes:

SamSnorkel7.jpg (29361 bytes)  SamSnorkel8.jpg (31300 bytes)  SamSnorkel9.jpg (34543 bytes)

Looks cool doesn't it ? 

I was thinking of painting it SatinBlack like the fenderflares but now I've ground off the welds and sanded it I like the way it sticks out from the black bodywork so I sprayed it GunMetalGrey ( Inox-spray ).

SamSnorkelPaint1.jpg (45084 bytes)                   SamSnorkelPaint2.jpg (46442 bytes)

Still have to fab something to get the snorkel connected to the throttlebody in the next couple of days.

Here are the pics of te snorkeladaptor I made for the Weber. I had to make a spacer for the Weber because the bottomplate of the snorkeladaptor touched on the SuperCharger.

I bought a Vitara/Kick airfilterhousing and cut the bottompart up all the way up untill there was only the topsurround left with the boltholes.

SamSnorkelVitCut1.jpg (48932 bytes)

I made a Stainless flat bottom with upstanding sides into which I riveted the leftover piece of airfilterhouse and sealed it with bodykit. The PVC "wedge" you see in the first picture below is just to make it level because the intake on the Camden isn't. I cut the shape of the Webertop out of the bottom and drilled the four mountingholes. Onto that I put the original bottom of the RamFlo-airfilter:

SamSnorkelAdator2.jpg (26989 bytes)  SamSnorkelAdator3.jpg (19147 bytes)  SamSnorkelAdator4.jpg (22329 bytes)

and then the RamFlo-filter itself. The original Vitara hose was too big and high to fit.

SamSnorkelAdator5.jpg (29626 bytes)  SamSnorkelAdator6.jpg (26870 bytes)

Because the intake between Weber and SuperCharger kept freezing I connected the aluminum hose to the collector of the exhaust, hoping it would draw enough hot air to stop the freezing ..............

SamSnorkelAntiFreeze3.jpg (35147 bytes)  SamSnorkelAntiFreeze2.jpg (41294 bytes)

.........which it didn't, so I converted to the EFI and I took it all off again and put it in the shed.