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Welcome to my Samurai-Page


We bought this little 1988 Long Wheel Base Suzuki Samurai today ( 10-10-2004 ) as a toy to go off-roading in.

We've always liked these brave little cars when we went off-roading with the Chevy, the little TonkaJeeps being able to use all of the circuit with their short wheel base ( as opposed to only the wider tracks with the big Chevy ).

Luckily the car is in good condition, only minor rust in the corners of the fenders, nothing serious !

From this little stocker:

To this MiniMonsterTruck :

in 5 1/2 month including 1.6 engine conversion with Camden SuperCharger and 32/36 Weber, 4.16 T-case, a QuickLok locker in the rear and a total lift of 14 ", check the navigationbar on the left for the stories on all the changes! You will notice in the text I may write something that I plan to do that's already been done, but have had no time to update this page. Updates are in LightBlue !

I must warn you, as it says on the decal in front of my door:



Can you spot the difference ??

Topless !

And of course we had to try if you can really take it all down ;-)

Are we having fun yet ???

The new tires: 33x12.5 ProComp XT's ( done )

They DO make a difference don't they ??  ;-)

Bought these 15x8"DELTA wheels secondhand, sandblasted them and had them powdercoated black ( done )

and then had the new tires fitted to them. Just for fun I put 1 wheel in front of the 35" CreepyCrawlers on the Chevy and they are about the same size ( made me a little worried to think these biiiiig tires were going to be under this tiny car, but after all the mods they fitted perfectly ) 

December 16th 2004: This is on the Samurai while trying to decide which size fenderflares I had to buy to cover the tires @ OffRoadCentre Utrecht ( went for the "small" version: 15 cm wide ):


Now all I have to do is wait for the suspensionraise to arrive before I can fit the wheels ( done )

Picture of the new, revised T-case ( 4.16, reducing the low range with a whopping 83% and the hi range 12% ), running lower gears, so it will be able to keep speed in 5th gear on those big tires ( done, still needs a little more in Hi, so trying to decide wether I need a 6.1 T-case )

November 28th2004: It's on the Samurai now and the difference is incredible !! On the highway I can now keep up with normal traffic and in 4X4 it is astounding, pulling like a tractor in second, no need to touch the clutch going up or downhill or through deep mudpuddles !

Steeringdamper I ordered from Rocky Road.Com, compared to the standard damper ;-) ( done )

Off Road Centre, Utrecht had a 3"dropped Pitman arm in stock, to help  bring the steeringforces down a bit, so the Z-link only has to be 3 more inches down ( instead of the 6 required ) ( done, ordered an ACME adaptors Extreme Hi-Steer set-up, which - in combination with the dropped Pitman arm - brings the steering arm almost back to horizontal )

And how about this :

Diamond Plate doorpanels, ready to fit, holes for the handles and everything bought on Ebay Germany, no need to spend a day cutting ( and cursing ;-) )

Bought these fibreglass half doors from Off Road Centre Utrecht ( link on my "Links" page ) and they ordered Stainless Steel doorhinges, which I drilled and had pins made for, so changing from the original steel doors to these will take about 2 minutes. ( Pics and text of the hinges are accessable through the link in the navbar on the left ) ( done, but didn't use the SS hinges in the end, just cut the original hinges )


On Ebay Germany I found this very nice Diamond plate toolbox that goes under the hood in the space just in front of the bulkhead/firewall on the driversside, with enough space for some usefull tools ( And always warm gloves ;-)  ) ( done, it even has a small vice bolted to the topplate, upside down so if I open the box and turn the lid I have a small bench )

December 17th 2004: Bought H@@P-style chrome mirrors on Ebay.co.uk ( done, later found out that Suzi's Place in Buren has loads of these in stock ) :


Well, of course I never thought I'd own one of these !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just dreamt about them after reading some articles on the Internet but look what happened today ( 24-12-2004 ), I went by Suzi's Place in Buren, a town only 20 km from my house to pick up the header I bought for the Sammie and look what they ( literally ! ) found in the attick.......................

Yes, a Camden 5" SuperCharger with a 32/36 Weber carb. Together with the specially designed  British "JanSpeed" headers ( below ) and - still to be made - 2" exhaust system with free flowing "silincer" this will become one screaming Sammie !! ( done, and it ís a screaming Sammie, with loads of torque )

Especially since my wife just ordered a 1600 cc Vitara/Sidekick engine @ Suzi's Place !! ( done )

 I was asking around and trying to figure out how this conversion would have to be done, Prices of the secondhand 1600 engine weren't that bad ( compared to the prices I'm used to, driving that big V8 Chevy ) so I was thinking about doing the swap somewhere this summer. Cora decided it would be foolish to put everything on the 1300 cc engine and than changing it all again for a 1600 engine, why not do it right the first time. Well, who am I to argue ;)

Today 07-01-2005 

I bought a very cool Sunvisor @ OffRoad Centre, Utrecht when I was there to pick up some stuff I ordered.

It is popriveted to the doorposts, which are hidden by the door. Guess I have to cut the mountingbrackets, so I can take it off when I'm in the woods, branches might catch behind it and break the visor. Better make it removable. ( done, but didn't make it removable ( yet ))

And yes:  I realise that I cannot lower the frontwindow anymore, but let's be honest: would that happen possibly more than once a year ?

Oh right, the stuff I actually went to pick up @ OffRoadCentre;-) :

Adjustable fuelpressure regulator, so I don't have to open the hood before and after off-roading to reset the pressure regulator I need with the Weber ( put it on 3 psi for off-road and back to 2 psi for on-road ) This one does it all by itself, even going down to 0.5 psi on idle. It will be fed by a 5 psi electric fuelpump which will be monuted near the fueltank. ( done and took it off again, wasted loads of cash on something that didn't work properly and which I don't seem to need Off-Road after all. I did buy a special Jeep fuelfilter with a return to the fueltank which I mounted just before the carb )


January 9th 2004:

Put on new discbrakes and pads, old ones weren't too bad, but noticed the steeringwheel "shimmy-ing" when braking

Too much "BLING" for my Samurai, get some mud on it soon ;) Also "repaired" the windshield washer, I got the tube stuck between the frontwindowframe and the body when I put the frontwindow up last time. 

January 15th 2005

To keep an eye on everything under the hood I ordered some gauges and a 2 and 3 gauge pod. Today I started connecting them, making all the electrics into one big tube, with 6 colours wiring, watertemp.feeler, Turbo-boostline and oilpressureline. I've also put in a bright red oilpressurelight next to the pressuregauge, the original one in the dash is hardly visible behind my hand when driving. 

I can now keep an eye on:  Charging, SuperChargerboost,  Oiltemperature, Oilpressure ( gauge and light ) and  Watertemperature........well, had to make a big hole in the dash for all the wiring. ( done )

Update January 29th: 

Been working on the Zuk again, together with Mustang ( of course ;-)  ), the lights on the gauges are working now, but not one of the gauges is connected, couldn't figure out the way the Am-meter is supposed to be hooked up ( to what with which gauge wire )? For the temperaturesensors I have to make up some housings to put them in their respective systems. Oillight works fine, good and clear ! We also put in a CB-radio, always nice to have to chat to your friends off-road. ( done, all works now ) 

In case of : Better safe than sorry, I bought a Fire-extinguisher when we were welding, didn't need it and put it in the car.

We've been woking on the sills as well, I took of those hidious rubber "Rocker-panels" and their skinny metal "reinforcements", because I want some serious "Rocksliders"although we do not have too many rocky terrains here, landing on a treestump might just as well crunch the sills ( and besides: it looks cool ;-) ) I have plans ready for SHROCKWORK type sliders. (  done, Check : REARBUMPER & SIDEBARS )

Here's a rollcage we saw at a Off Road event. We are going to copy it ( we asked the guy that built it )

Or like this:


OCTOBER 29th 2004

We've already started on a new frontbumper. You can see the pics and read the story HERE !

( done )

A friend of mine had some time on his hands and PhotoShopped some pictures I sent him to create the pic below, This is what it will look like with all the suspension goodies !!

Thanks B8

And then he PhotoShopped it in the colors I want it to be 

 ( almost done, today - 14-09-2005 - I finished painting the Zuk Hamerite Black with Hamerite White doors, "Official H2 Recovery Vehicle" decals for the doors ( both sets ) will be ready next week ) :

Great isn't it ?

What we want it to look like ?? Something along the lines of:



And a lot of mud to play in ;-)