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Well, like the header says : On this page I'll record by date what I've changed or added to my pages.

I will not be updating my site for all the little changes.

VMax is ready as it is, trike has been sold, not working on the Big Zed, BSA-chopper or the Bitch for now.
Samurai is ready as it is as well.

June 3rd 2007: Well, not even a year since I worked on my website ;-) Too much to do, too little to update. Did a small update on the Dafpage, just some pics, go check it if you like. VMax is still going strong, no problems, just needs smaller jets.

August 27th: Bought some additions for the Daf - like brandnew Daf-mirrors - but I cannot upload anymore pics as my serverspace appears to have reached it's quota. I'll contact my provider or remove some pics/pages that haven't been visited for some time.

August 1 2007: We bought a nice little Daf 46 from 1977 for Cora. Check the story and pics HERE

July 16: Nothing much to tell, just a short note to let you know I'm still around ;-) Arno of Suzi's Place did a rebuild of my Zuk gearbox, it made terrible noises and got stuck while riding OffRoad. 
I also have over 2000 km's on the VMax after the tuning, soon on my way to the Dyno again ( but have to have special exhaustdownpipes made to Paul's specs before it's any use to go ).

April 21: Rearbumper of the Zuk is finished, look HERE for the pics.

April 8 : I put some pics of my "Doorless Straps" on the page about the Removable Hinges

March 26: I flipped my Zuk at a 4x4 event today. Pics and story HERE. I also made a "What's New"button in the indexpage, so you don't have to keep clicking all the pages to find out.

February 10: Made the start with a snorkel for the Sammie. Pics HERE.

January 26th: Sorry, didn't do an update on this page, but have been updating the MegaSquirt-page on my site. I'm very, very satified with the conversion !

December 25th ( that's right Christmasday ): Made a page witrh the start of the MegaSquirt fuelinjection conversion for the Samurai

November 19th 2005: Paul mailed me and told me that the VMax-engine was finally finished !! He'd put it back together with utmost care.After I picked it up Niels and I put it back in the frame and started it for the first time in 2 years and one month !! Pics on PAGE 10 of the VMaxpages.

November 2005: As you noticed when you came to my website I have devided my site up into 2 main parts: Vmax and Samurai, because I received some Emails from both parties that navigation was a little hard. One party wanted the VMax part to be more prominent, of course the other party complained about not being able to find my Samurai pages easy enough. Hence the change. The old, complete website is still available by clicking on the bottom picture on the indexpage or the "HomePage" button on both VMax- and Samurai site. This "What's New"-page will also keep record of everything that's happening on all three parts of my site.

Good news on the VMax front:  After being apart for the better part of 2 years the enigine is going back together and I can pick it up next week !! Pics of the engine are at the bottom of THIS page.

October 21st: Pics of the rearbumper I'm making for the Sammie HERE ! News on the VMax is that the pistons and conrods are in the top enginehalf to stay, we are now waiting for the cranckbearings to arrive from Yamaha.

July 18th: It finally happened: I received an Email from Paul Ritzen that he had picked up my VMax cranckshaft from Belgium. Pics HERE !

March 27th: IronMan package was not enough to lift the Samurai, so I went SPOA and installed an  ACME ADAPTERS OTT steeringsystem. And what would it all be worth it without a page full of POSER PICS

March 12: Finally received the 3" IronMan suspensionraise I ordered when I bought the Samurai months ago, installed it and decided to go SPOA as well. IronMan install HERE

February 25: Spent this weekend on putting on the 2"Bodyliftkit I made myself, lots of work but worth it in the end. Pics of what's quickly becoming a MiniMosterTruck are HERE.

February 12th: Just been working at Suzi's Place for 2 days, removed the 1300 engine in my own garage, took the engine, SuperCharger and gearbox to their place and started to swap engineparts with the 1600 engine. Took some time but it's now  in again. Story and pics of the SuperCharger build-up are HERE, Story and pics of the engineswap are HERE.

The rest will follow soon !!

January 21st: Had a QuickLok automatic positive locking differential installed at Suzi's Place. Pics and text on the "QUICKLOK"page

January 7th: Went to OffRoadCentre, Utrecht and Suzi's Place, Buren to pick up stuff I ordered. Check the "SAMURAI" and "SAMURAI ENGINE" pages to see pics.

January 1st 2005: HAPPY NEWYEAR
to all my visitors. I've removed the bottom part of this page ( which started with wishing everybody a Happy 2000 ;-)  ). 

December 30th:  I was talking to the guys @ Suzi's Place about doing a 1600 cc 8V conversion sometime next summer/fall. Price of the secondhand engines aren't that bad, so at dinner I discussed it with Cora, who thought it would be a ridiculous plan...........................................................................to put everything I bought right now on the 1300 cc engine and taking it all off again and putting it on the 1600 cc engine. Better do it right the first time so she ordered me a 1600 cc engine @ Suzi's Place without me knowing it !! Now I have to wait for them to find me a good engine ( they didn't want to sell one of te twoo engines they have ib stock, they are looking for a younger one ).

December 25th: Yep, I know Christmas day, but I was to bored to watch "Scrooge" again, so I started to make a "SAMURAI/SUZUKI 4X4 PAGE" and a "SAMURAI SPECS PAGE"

December 24th:  Just bought myself one of the coolest Christmas gifts ever : a Camden SuperCharger for the Samurai complete with Weber carb. Some more enginegoodies too. Go see it HERE

December 17th: Changed my webhosting, all I have to do now is find the time to move my website from one hosting to the other, I will put back all the bigger pictuers when moving as a lot of you requested. Changes for now: a couple of pics of the frontbumper HERE and a couple of additions to the car HERE.

November 14th: Due to my limited webspace at the provider I decided to remove some pages that only had a small ammount of visitors ( or no visitors at all ) "OtherStuff", "For Sale" and "Big 'ns" have gone.
 I've also removed all the big pictures behind the thumbnails on the
"SAMURAI"pages, if you want any of the pics in a bigger size, mail me and I will send them to you !

November 13th: Today we startde with the first part of making the Samurai higher, Just 3"for now, waiting for the other suspensionstuff to arrive from Australia. Pics HERE.

October 31st: Today we went to the first Off Road event with the Samurai. Pics are HERE.

October 29th: Of course I could leave the Samurai standard for too long, so we started on the frontbumper while we are waiting for the suspensionraise to arrive, pics and story: HERE. Pics and text on the removable hinges HERE

October 19th: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, what to do with all that money in my pocket..................Right ! Let's go out and buy a car !!! Well......car.....Go and see it HERE . It will take some time and a lot of work to get it the way I want it to look and perform but it's a nice new project !

October 9th: Big News !! Today I sold the Jaguar Trike....happy and sad at the same time. I couldn't find the confidence in riding it without thinking of what would break next ( and cost me huge ammounts of money again ) and I had some-one calling me for over a year to try and come by and see/testdrive the trike but I'd always kept him at a distance, not knowing what I wanted to do....Keep it, sell it...Keep it,...sell it. 2 Weeks ago he called me and we made an appointment for him to come to my garage and he was very impressed ( duh ;-)  ). We talked figures and came to a deal !! I hope it gets a good home with some-one who will have more fun with it then I have had !

July 3rd: Went to Paul's tuningshop to have a look at my engine ( well parts of it anyway ;-). Not too much news but well, it was enough good news for me : "Page 9"

June 19th: Incredible but true: I've been working on the trike again after one year ! Read all about it on the "Trike" pages !

April 30th: Put the original headlight and headlightholders on the Big Zed today, making her look even more original, which will surprise even more people at the trafficlights ;-). Picture on  "Big Zed" page

April 18th: Not too much news. Paul is still working on my VMax, we had APE in America make me some heavy duty headstuds, some-one in England is making heavy duty hardened steel enginebolts ( Paul noticed the cases may have moved opposite each other during the test run ), he has special hardened steel pistonrods made up. Special headgaskets are ready, cilindersleeves need to be ringed, which will happen somewhere in the next 2 weeks as will the skimming of the cilinders themself. Hopefully this week the heads and carbs will go on the flowbench to measure the flow and to determine how big and which length the exhausts need to be for maximum performance. Paul also checkes the gearbox and that needed new gearchangeforks, gears were no problem at all, because my bike already received a MRE gearbox in the first tuningstage.
Hi Keith, happy that I finally updated my website ? ( as far as you can call this an update ;-)  )

December 22nd: Nice pics and some stories of my offroad adventure in my Chevy on the "Chevy K30" page and another  K30 for sale on the "For Sale"page

November 24th: Very nice and exclusive motorcycle for sale on my "For Sale" page !!! And on the Fighterama show in Germany I finally found the 70's style racingseat I wanted for the Big Zed, picture on the "Big Zed" page.

September 19th: A lot to tell, not too much time ( isn't that always the case ;-)  )  First of all, I put VMax and the Big Zed on the Street or Track show, but not in the Streetfighter competition. I won 2nd price last year with the VMax and thought it was time for other bikes to win something. In spite of that the jury picked my VMax as the "Best Special Paint" not knowing I wasn't even in the competition. I accepted it of course, proud as I am of my bike . Paul Ritzen in Weert, the man I chose to work on my VMax now had a lot of good idea's about how my engine should be, he saw more potential in it than the French tuner had achieved. A full story will follow, with pictures of course, but you'll have to check back for that. Suffice to say that on the night before the show we clocked
a whopping 205 RHP and 217 Nm @ 6800 revs
when the headgasket blew, meaning there's much, much more inthere !

Dynosheet is HERE

On a "sad" note: I crashed the Big Zed 2 weeks ago, blocking the front brake on  wet, new tarmac trying not to hit some horses that decide to cross the road when I was at about 60 meters away from them. Damage is incredibly low: bent bars, vibrationdampener on he left side ground down, generatorcover ground down so badly it leaks oil, gearchange lever from my newly bought Raask rearset ground down one centimeter and the spring and reservoir from the left rearshock very badly damaged. On;y a few scratches on the paintjob on the ducktail. I bruised my leftside ribs and have very bad roadrash on my right calf.

Pics will follow, check back !


It's that time of year again !!! The best motorcycleshow in the Netherlands is about to happen again: STREET OR TRACK !!  18th and 19th of October, Veemarkthallen, Utrecht. Click the banner below to be taken to their site, fill out the form and put your bike in the show, even when it's not finished yet ! Share the 200% Passion !

September 2nd: New car for sale on my "For Sale" page, a Chevy K30 pick-up, just like mine !!

July 6th: Nice picture of the exploded Odessy battery in my VMax on "Page 9".  :-(  And some news on the trike, still not good ! Go see for yourself at the bottom of the "Trike Page" .

June 9th: Finally something to tell and show. The OTEC swingarm is in my bike, together with the new rearcalliper and disk. Also the BRM frame-to-engine braces are installed. Pictures on "Page 9". Also some ( sad )  news on the trike on the "TrikePage"

April 19th: You HAVE to see the bike that's for sale on the "For Sale" page: Andy Hall's Street Legal DragRace Harris ZZR 1100 !!! Be quick, before he changes his mind, I heard him whisper about putting a new-style Z1000 rearend on, putting a front light in and keep it. You want to be the quickest on the road ??? This is the bike to buy !!!

April 6th: No, I'm not dead, I just didn't have anything to tell. Still not much to tell, but there are 2 new bikes for sale at the "For Sale"page plus a brandnew set of Keihin 41 mm carbs from a friend of mine in England.

January 12th: My new swingarm has already arrived and is at the anodizing shop at the moment, I'm waiting for a call to pick it up. There's a new motorcycle for sale on my "For Sale" page, go see it !